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Post by Shadow on Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:28 am

A) Basic Behaviour
B) Topics & Posting
C) Personal Settings
D) Staff & Reporting
E) Warning System

A.0) Basic Behaviour

A.1) Do not insult your fellow members
Be polite twards other members, treat them as you would like to be treated.
If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all.
Comments including racism, religion, sexism, and ectera will not be tolerated.
First Offense: 20% Warning
Second Offense: 2 Day Ban

A.2) Do not troll
Posting controversial, inflammatory, or irrelevant messages will not be tolerated.
First Offense: 40% Warning
Second Offense: 2 Day Ban
Third Offense: Permanent Ban

A.3) Follow sub-section rules when available
Certain areas of the forums have an extra set of rules.
Please abide by them, as well as all rules that are listed here.

A.4) You are allowed 1 forum account
In the case we find an alternate account, the first will be kept.
The others will be banned/deleted.
There is no need for multiple accounts.
First Offense: 20% Warning
Second Offense: 2 Day Ban
Third Offense: Permanent Ban

A.5) The official language of this forum is English
This means that other languages will not be allowed to be used as a form of communication in all sections.
First Offense: Notice from staff
Second Offense: 20% Warning

B.0) Topics & Posting

B.1) Do not spam
Any nonsensical and/or irrelevent posts will be considered as spam and will be deleted.
20% Warning

B.2) Do not double post
This applies to triple, quadruple, ect posting.
If there is more you wish to add more information please use the edit button, or wait for a reply first.
20% Warning

- Lengthy Guide with seperate sections
- Adding a large amount of additional info after a long amount of time has passed
- Accidental, please report the post and edit it to ask for deletion
- Bumping (See Rule B.6)

B.3) Do not post one word or sparse replies
Please put some thought into your posts.
Posts that only say "+1" or similar are considered spam.
Emoticons do not count as words.
First Offense: Post Deleted
Second Offense: 20% Warning

B.4) Stay on topic
When posting please stay on the subject.
If you wish to go off-topic please create your own topic.

B.5) Use the Search function
When asking for help please check if it has been asked previously before making a new topic.
There is a high chance your question has already been answered before.
First Offense: Notice from staff
Second Offense: 20% Warning

B.6) Do not bump and/or "necro" topics
If there are no replies people have no comment to the topic.
If you continously bump topics you will be warned.
To "necro" a topic means to post in it when it has not been active in a long time.
Please create a new topic instead of necroing an old one.
20% Warning

- You are seeking help and some time has passed without reply

B.6) Do not post large or offensive images
When posting large images make use of the spoiler tag, or just post the link directly.
Mature, pornographic, or offensive material will not be tolerated.
This includes real, written, and drawn images. Even in-game screenshots.
20% Warning to 2 Day Ban depending on severity
Repeated offenses result in a Permanent Ban

B.7) Post in the appropriate sections
When creating a new topic, please place it in the section you think it belongs in.
If you have made a mistake, please report the topic and ask for it to be moved.
First Offense: Notice from staff
Second Offense: 20% Warning

B.8) Use appropriate topic titles
Please use titles that describes the content of your post.
Inappropriate titles will be altered and the topic will be closed.
First Offense: 20% Warning
Second Offense: 2 Day Ban

B.9) Do not discuss ANY illegal content
This includes warez, cracks, serials, torrents, illegal copyrighted content, ect.
ESPECIALLY the discussion of KSSN, which falls under identity theft.
2 Day Ban to Permanent Ban depending on severity

B.10) Do not advertise
Advertising anywhere on this forum will not be allowed.
First Offense: 40% Warning
Second Offense: Permanent Ban

C.0) Personal Settings

C.1) Forum Naming Policy
Inappropriate names will be altered, and further action may be taken.
If you wish to change your name please request it through your Preferences page.
Names including the following will not be accepted:

- Names attempting to impersonate another user or staff member
- Racism
- Sexually explicit material
- Vulgarity
- Swear words
- Names relating to adult content

Staff members reserves the right to change a name if it is not appropriate but does not fit into one of the above categories.

C.2) Signatures & Avatars
Your signature and avatar must not contain any offensive material.
They must comply with all other forum rules.
This also applies to other personal settings.
If you use text in your signature:

- No more than 5 lines of text of the default font size.
- If the font size is larger the total text should not exceed the same amount of space.

If you use images in your signature:

- Maximum size of images is 100kb
- Total dimensions of your signature should not exceed a width of 500px and a height of 150px

Signatures that exceed these requirements will be removed and you will be sent a PM requesting you to keep within the signature and avatar requirements.
If you fail to comply with these rules repeatedly your personal setting previledges will be stripped.

D.0) Staff & Reporting

D.1) Reporting Posts
The forum rules will be enforced by the moderators; however, we may miss some things.
If you see a post that breaks forum rules, please use the report function to bring it to our attention.
Do not use the report function to falsely accuse other members, or to simply tell us "Thanks".
Only use it when needing to move/delete posts, or to report a user who is breaking the rules.
If you abuse this function you will receive a warning.

D.2) Do not spam staff member inboxes
If you have any kind of problem you want to discuss with a member of the staff, send them a Private Message.
If you flood a staff member's inbox you will be warned. There is no need to ask the same question twice.

E.0) Warning System

Not following the rules may result in any of the following:

E.1) Warning
A warning is to make you aware of the fact that you did something wrong.
After 5 warnings your warning level will hit 100%, that will be your final warning.
At that point our staff will then decide what action needs to be taken.

E.2) Posting Rights Removal
This option will take away your rights to make both topics and posts.
This action will be used when the staff member in question has the idea you need to "cool down".
You are not allowed to make a new account while under this setting, that will result in a permanent ban.

E.3) Suspension & Banning
Banning is our hardest possible action. When your account is banned you will not be able to log in with the account.
Depending on the severity what you've done wrong it may be temporary or permanent.

Depending on the severity of your offense our staff will decide what action should be taken.
Staff members do NOT have to issue worded warnings before taking any action.
The decided action is not to be argued, but if you feel it has been unfair PM a different staff member for a second opinion.
Any member of the staff is allowed to be exempted from the rules if he/she thinks it is needed in that case.


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